Haruto Fuwa
Kanji 不破 春斗
Romaji ふわ はると
Personal Details
Gender Male
Relatives 1 Sister
Occupation Novelist
Debut Episode 1
Japanese Satoshi Hino
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Haruto Fuwa ( 不破春斗) is another novelist who debuted around the same time as Itsuki.

Appearance Edit

Haruto is a slim and tall man with light brown curly hair and brown eyes.

Haruto is usually seen in his casual attire, a light colored shirt with a red sweater, blue pants and his pair of glasses.

Personality Edit

Haruto is a hard working and organized author that always respects his deadlines, but he kind of sees negatively people like Itsuki or Nayuta that doesn't require the amount of work he does to be popular thanks to their talent.

Even though Haruto seems to be a guy that spends most of his time outside, he is actually more of an indoors person that enjoys his time by reading books or playing games, most of them are Eroge. Haruto even has a maid fetish according to Ashley Oono.

Plot Edit

Haruto is an accomplished author that also has had one of his novels adapted into an anime, though done poorly enough to demoralized him.

Haruto was revealed to have fallen in love with Miyako Shirakawa, especially after she showed such compassion to Haruto after the terrible adaptation that Haruto's work received. Haruto tried to deepen his relationship with Miyako but then he was stopped when he noticed the feelings that Miyako truly felt for Itsuki.==References==

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