Itsuki Hashima
Kanji 羽島 伊月
Romaji Hashima Itsuki
Personal Details
Age 20
Gender Male
Relatives Chihiro Hashima (Sister)
Occupation Writer
Debut Chapter 1 (manga)
Episode 1 (anime)
Japanese Yuusuke Kobayashi
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Itsuki Hashima is the 20-year-old protagonist of the series. He is a novelist who debuted when he was in high school. In the span of five years, he has published 20 books, some of which have ranked in the top 10 weekly rankings for light novels on Oricon.


Itsuki apparently went to college before dropping in the first 6 months to concentrate working as a novelist.


Itsuki is a young man in his early 20's with brown eyes and medium length, brown smooth hair with bangs directed in the center. His usual attire is his white sweater with a black long sleeve shirt underneath.


A quite eccentric person that has an absolute Sister Complex that induces him to write about little sisters in his works. He also had an traumatic event, in which he was dumped by an older girl. Thus he strives to be the Protagonist of his own Life Story.


It starts of with a depiction of one of Itsuki's drafts, about a guy who has a little sister and loves her, to the extent of eating said sister's panties for breakfast. After the draft for the new work is rejected by his editor, Kenjirō Toki, Itsuki hangs out at his home with his stepbrother Chihiro Hashima, his former college mate Miyako Shirakawa and fellow authors Nayuta Kani and Haruto Fuwa.

One of his main works is Mahou Gakuen, a light novel set in a magical fantasy world about two siblings fighting against evil. Mahou Gakuen is then adapted as manga due to it's popularity, and is drawn by a newbie, but very good, manga artist named Kaiko Mikuniyama. It is later told to Itsuki by his editor that his novel will be adapted to an anime, though the budget will be low and that it would only be a replacement.

Relationships Edit

Nayuta Kani: A fellow author. As of Episode 11 of the anime, Itsuki has admitted to having feelings of love for Nayuta, even wishing to marry her. He refuses to do so until he accomplishes his goal of recognition, with the plan of getting an anime as a start. He wants to stand beside her as an equally skilled and popular writer for his own pride.

Chihiro Hashima: Itsuki bears resentment against his family, namely his father. But he gets along well with his step "brother". Chihiro comes over to his place to help him out, like doing the cleaning and cooking, even studying a bit of accounting with the desire to help him out. He currently has no idea that Chihiro is a girl.


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